The Industries we serve

Business Services

We are honing the productivity of your business in South Korea by managing local office rentals, contact center services, career services and information needs.

Chemical Trading

Chemical industry is one of the most unsettled industries in the global market. For client engagement, we are bringing in-depth market experience and ability to deliver products from Korea for the chemical the industry buyers from all around the globe.

Travel Services

We help your organization about VIP Business Travel Packages, Group Travel packages, Air , Hotel and Train bookings, trip along interpreter trip routing consultants .

Investment Consultancy

We are professional advisors who can help you long term investment plannings in Korea. Especially, we have strong knowledge about retail and fast food industry. Let’s work in depth on formulating your investment strategies and let us help fulfill your company needs and goals in Korean market.

Manufacturing & Machinery

We know that manufacturing and processing play a great role in your business. We would like to make it greater by offering trusted  consulting solutions for your business.

Fashion & Textile

We help in technology and industrial support to set up, improve and restructure clothing and textile manufacturing operations as well as the marketing for both for domestic and international companies.

Cosmetic and Beauty

We provide trading and consulting services about the Korean cosmetic and beauty industry as it is also one of the widely-popular industry with a high demand today.

Medical and Health

Trade Korea unlocks insights in Korean healthcare industry to transform how care is delivered.We add a a value to your company on clinical expertise and technology in delivering innovative solutions from South Korea. We have a deep experience on medical equipment export & imports and medical tourism.

Are you in a specific industry?  We’re here to help.

Why choose us


Large Network of Suppliers

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the global import and export industry allows us to be one of the premiere service providers that offers large network of suppliers with wide-ranging product lines.

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Competitive Rates

We ensure that our trade and consulting rates are cost-effective because we value your time and money. We provide upfront pricing and do not ask for additional charges. There are no hidden charges, too.

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Highly-Dynamic Team

Customer service is one of our priorities in Trade Korea. Our company is customer-centered and service-focused. We highly-believe that these factors greatly affects how we deliver quality and 100% satisfaction.

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You want to change the world. We’re here to help.

Our process

Trade Korea is one of the leading trading and consulting companies in the country. With our many years of experience in the industry, we already gained the support and trust of our many non-Korean company partners. With this, we are now more inspired and dedicated to developing helpful techniques and more innovative solutions to further enhance our process in the industry.

Working together as one, we can help you transform your business goals and dreams into reality. We pay careful attention to every single detail of our job to give you rewarding and positive results.

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Sales and Marketing

As a goal oriented trading and consulting company, we understand that you want to attain a high level of sales and profits with your specific product. Definitely, this is the reason why we provide…

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Trading Services

When you choose us as your trading partner, you can be surprised about the great sales that you can attain. With our excellent trading techniques, you can make sure that your business will be…

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Travel and Transportation

We know that you will need travel and transportation services for your business. This is why we came up to the solution of providing you our travel and transportation services…

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Consulting Services

We want to attain business success by simply capitalizing our knowledge as well a local resources. With our consulting services, you can have a priceless peace of mind regarding your business. 

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You want to change the world. We’re here to help.

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