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In this fast paced world, business has been changing from time to time. In connection to this, as a wise business enthusiast, you must have a powerful tool that can elevate your business on top. Basically, that is how Trade Korea can help you. With our consulting services, you can have a priceless peace of mind regarding your business.

We have the right consulting services that can greatly contribute to the success of your business in Korean market. Meanwhile, the following are the our services that we can offer to you.

Trade Korea: Smart Global Solutions that are built around your Industry Needs. Whatever business size you have, you can guarantee that Trade Korea will cater a seamless global market experience for you in a simpler and faster way.

Translation & Localization of Marketing Materials

It cannot be denied that to be able to have successful business operations without the proper materials that can support your needs. We have the most efficient translation and localization of marketing materials  service  that can help you achieve your goals in a fast and reliable manner in Korean market.

Market Research

Trade Korea offers the best market research that can help you make the best decision for the success of your specific project. With our market research techniques, you can assure that your products and services can make a big profit in the Korean market. We research all relevant aspects of the market, identify potential partners and assist your company to take the opportunities in Korean market.

International Public Relations

We offer the best public relations that can help you establish a solid reputation in your industry. With the help of the innovation of technology, we are confident enough to say that we can help you gain the respect and trust of the thousands of Korean customers. Working together as one team, we can help you establish good public relations and solid reputation with the Korean public.

Market Entry Strategy

We can provide you with a well laid plan of action to help you deliver your good and services on your specific target market in Korea. In addition to this, we can also help you distribute your services.  We have the best methodology to expand your business in a different foreign market.

Prototype Manufacturing

You do not have to worry since we are very good in prototype manufacturing. We are always eager to develop the best strategies that can help you ensure success with your business in the best ways as possible. Korea is one of the most technologically advanced country on the earth. Prototype manufacturing is so important before the mass production. Therefore, Korea could be a very  good option for your prototype manufacturing process.  

Quality Control & Production Management

We understand that quality is an essential ingredient in order to attain a higher plateau of sales in your business. In relation to this, we came up to the decision of bringing you the best standards and quality control systems that can further enhance your business. If your product  can pass through the all criterias, which can satisfy your customers at the market. Therefore, we are here to help you for your production management and quality control of your products.

Executive Search/HR Sourcing

We make sure that we will give you the best team that can help you reach your business’ goals and missions in the shortest period of time.Trade Korea offers services that can identify and  connect you with the leading talents in the industry while letting you to have full control right over the hiring process. While you are setting up your local branch office here, we can help you to hire talented global Korean citizens for your operation

Partner/ Investor Search

We guarantee you that we have the best and professional platform that can help you connect with the best business partners that can be your potential business partners. With this, you can have more resources to support your business needs. With our excellent partner/ investor search, you can have the chance to grow your business in a reliable and a professional way.

Distributor, Buyer and Agent Search

We are always willing to lend our helping hands for you to get the best distributor, buyer and agents that can help you to have a successful business operation. We research all relevant aspects of the market, identify potential partners for your company and help you assess the opportunities.

B2B Matchmaking

In the very competitive world of business, you need business partners in order to survive the competition. We  have the best B2B matchmaking services that you will help you to find potential buyers. Especially, we do organize  b2b matchmaking events  during the related trade fairs. Please, contact to us about more detailed schedule of the events.

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