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Trade Korea has been committed to provide right solutions to our clients with expert trade execution and superior service.  We act as the agents  in terms of executing the right supplier or buyer , assisting transactions , forwarding goods and dispute resolutions of foreign companies in Korean market.

Trade Korea: Smart Global Solutions that are built around your Industry Needs. Whatever business size you have, you can guarantee that Trade Korea will cater a seamless global market experience for you in a simpler and faster way.

Trade Missions/In-Country Market Visits

In order to become a successful exporter, you must travel to your target markets and at the same time build a long lasting commercial relationship with your partners and clients. Trade Korea provides practical assistance before, during, and after visit, including the needed information, logistics as well as the consulting advices.

Products Manufacturer Research

Most of the manufacturers have metrics, so there is no doubt that interdependencies and where to focus is absolutely a great challenge to overcome. At Trade Korea, we provide the manufacturing leaders with the actionable insights regarding the advanced technologies as well as practices they crucially need to change the way their own organizations operate.

Qualifications and Selection

Selection and evaluation of supplier and processes can take both energy and time, but the effort will surely be rewarded especially when the services or products needed are supplied in a cost-effective and timely manner. It is always a good idea to investigate the supplier’s financial ability as well. Trade Korea uses effective tools to analyze the manufacturer company’s’ stability, production capacity and the quality so that you can manage your business  hassle free from your base.

Competitive Quote Solicitations

TradeKorea procurement solicitation is a process that we ask outside vendors to offer a certain quote for the purpose of the completion of a particular project or task. We mainly provide more comprehensive information to the bidder about the requirements of the projects. It often requires bidders to maximize every phase of the project to let the soliciting company compare the different bids.

Trade Shows Organizations

Trade shows can be an important part in moving your business forward through spreading the your brand regarding the services all the features and benefits that it offers. We have a team of professionals who have what it takes to manage all the trade show logistics according to your schedule. We can select the right place and time for the event and manage every small detail in order to make the event a huge success in Korean market.

Trade Show Support

Trade shows can be an important part in moving your business forward through spreading the word regarding the services or products and helping others to educate the target audience of all the features and benefits that it offers. We have a team of professionals who have what it takes to manage all the trade show logistics from the individual events down to the entire cycle of the schedule.

Inspection During Production

Inspection during production can improve both the processes and quality. This kind of service is ideal for huge quantity of shipments, strict requirements for the on-time shipments, and products lines that have continuous production. We will inspect the production batch and at the same time examine the products in line for some possible defects.

Quality Inspection Before Shipment

It is always imperative that every manufacturer must verify the products manufactured before shipment. This is mainly done in order to ensure product safety prior to shipping, reduce the customer complaints because of the inferior products, minimize the number of defective merchandise, detect the merchandise that contains non-complaints components, and most of all eliminate the late shipments.

Export Promotion Services

Export promotion services include support for the group exhibitions right in the international trade shows, sector programs, point of sale promotional campaigns, and trade missions. There is wide range of export promotion services, which feature the group exhibition in the international trade shows as well as trade missions to the main markets. The activities are supported by the external network of our company.

Factory Site Inspection Before Production

At Trade Korea, we believe that the production quality control could not begin early enough, so the inspection of the raw materials along with the components right before the production starts might reveal the relevant quality issues. Correcting all the issues right before the mass production starts will definitely save the costs and time through reducing the need for revising your work later again.

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