Trade Korea - The Industries we serve

Are you in a specific industry? We are here to help. There is no trade or customs issue that we cannot face. Whatever industry you are in, we will ensure that you are covered by our expertise.

Our expertise is a collective fruition of our 15 years of experience working with remarkable businesses and clients across numerous industries from all around the world.

Chemical Trading

The chemical industry is one of the most unsettled industries in the global market. There are macroeconomic forces that bring forth changes in the demand patterns for chemicals in developing countries. For client engagement, we are bringing in-depth market experience and ability to deliver products from Korea for the chemical the industry buyers from all around the globe.

Travel Services

We assure you that we can organize the best tour packages for your organizational group visits to Korea. Along with that,  VIP Business Travel Packages, , Air , Hotel and Train bookings, trip along interpreter trip routing consultants.

Medical and Health

Trade Korea unlocks insights in Korean healthcare industry to transform how care is delivered. We add a significant value to your company on clinical expertise and technology in delivering innovative solutions from South Korea.

We have a deep experience and knowledge about medical equipment export & imports and medical tourism.  Through our collaborative, innovative and patient-centered engagements, we are able to increase clinical efficiency of your medical business

Cosmetic and Beauty

We are also providing trading and consulting services to the cosmetic and beauty industry as it is also one of the widely-popular industry with a high demand today. Korea is one of the best country for OEM and ODM production. If you are willing to create your own brand , our experienced consultants will be able to support your business from many aspects.

Business Services

Add muscle to your team with our business process services. Expert functionality is a smart asset and strategy. We are honing the productivity of your business in South Korea by managing local office rentals, contact center services , career services and information needs.

  • HR Sourcing
  • Local office rentals
  • Utility Services
  • Web page localization

Investment Consultancy

We are professional advisors who can help you long term investment plannings in Korea. Especially, we have strong knowledge about retail and fast food industry. Let’s work in depth on formulating your investment strategies and let us help fulfill your company needs and goals in Korean market.

Fashion & Textile

Trade Korea also specializes in providing consulting to the fashion and textile industry. We help in technology and industrial support to set up, improve and restructure clothing and textile manufacturing operations as well as marketing and strategy services for new the product development, new market entry, supply chain management, retailing, branding, partner search and more.

Manufacturing & Machinery

We know that manufacturing and processing play a great role in your business. We would like to make it greater by offering trusted  consulting solutions for your business.

Food & Beverage

Our industry experts understand the structure of the food and beverage industry. We can help you in upgrading your food and beverage operations in Korea. We will work closely with you in developing new items, providing sound advice and guidance for latest trends, sourcing direction and insight, costing analysis and service procedures in Korean market.

Lights & Lighting

Our experts have long time relationship with Korean lighting manufacturers. We believe that professional lighting designs bring forth transformations to every business. Trade Korea is your one-stop consulting company that provides high-quality solutions for your new and retrofit lighting projects.

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